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NYCCHP’s 20th Anniversary Celebration Will Be a Thriller!

Our Mission — The New York City Children’s Holiday Party (NYCCHP) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to sharing the joys of the holidays with children living in New York City’s homeless shelters. In addition to sharing the joys of the holidays, we strive to introduce each child to new experiences, maily Braodway shows, and to broaden his or her horizons, hoping to spark a yearning for and a determination to create a better situation.

We are 100% volunteer run, and all contributions directly benefit the children. We light up the holidays for these children and they in turn light up ours with their gleeful smiles and laughter.

Currently there 63,000 homeless people living in about 150 shelters in New York City, of which 20,500 are children.

This Year — On Tuesday, December 5, 2023, we kick off our third decade by taking 300 of our dear homeless children of NYC to see MJ The Musical, the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical at the Neil Simon Theatre! In addition, the children will be treated to dinner, educational supplies and gifts.


Please support us by clicking below:

(via Greater Giving’s secure server)
100% of your donation directly benefits the children.

Be part of the magic — share the joy!

Why We Do This

New York City is a melting pot and we proud New Yorkers come from not only different parts of the United States but also from all over the world. The holiday season and its celebration in New York brings us all together as one happy family. Although each of us strives to support and help the communities we come from, as New York citizens we cannot ignore those who are the most vulnerable amongst us. These are the homeless children of New York City, the children in our very own backyard. How can we ignore them as they need us the most.

For insight into the lives of the children in the city’s homeless shelters, see Andrea Elliot’s clear-eyed yet heart-wrenching December 2015 5-part series in The New York Times, Invisible Child (December 2015), accompanied by Ruth Fremson’s remarkable photographs. Being able to give children like Dasani one night of pure fun reminds all of us what the holidays are truly about.

Please join us in creating wondrous moments for these beautiful children of New York City.